Matt Hepworth

Engineer / Producer | MATT HEPWORTH

Matt Hepworth has nearly two decades of recording and mixing experience. His credits range from local artists to national and international label album releases. Although known for his distinct, aggressive, rock sound, Matt is also highly experienced in Singer/Songwiter and Acoustic styles, as well as Pop and Contemporary production.

Integration with MAS PRODUCTIONS

Studio Nu combined forces with MAS Productions—project studio of Multi-Platinum Arranger and Vocal Producer Mark Stephenson—to bring world-class arranging, composition, and orchestration within the reach of your album. What's more, we do it without you having to send it out into the great oblivion, or re-mortgage your home.

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Studio Nu is a powerful, professional residential studio that's made to handle all your production needs. Featuring a separate, primary tracking room and additional iso rooms to handle a full band tracking at once, as well as a comfortable control room, you'll have what you need from creation to short-run duplication.

Vintage and modern GEAR from Neumann, Neve, API, Apogee, Universal Audio, AVID, AKG, Audio Technica, Waves and many others.