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An album is nothing without a great mix. Whether your project has only a handful of tracks per song or you're doing a fully orchestrated metal experience with over 100 tracks we have the capability to make your music come alive and be as comercial and polished or raw and in-your-face as you'd like. Years of experience always trump a whole bunch of tools, but we have both. 

Studio Nu is capable of hybrid analog and in-the-box mixing, so you can have the benefits of the organic feel and extra analog mojo, with all the precision and detail the best digital tools provide.


From tracking your entire band at once to getting earth-shaking guitar and bass tone we can handle whatever your album needs, including:

  • Arranging and Preproduction
  • Tracking/Recording
  • Editing (including fixing drum timing)
  • Pitch Correction and Vocal Editing
  • Reamping Guitar and Bass
  • Training/Tutoring

Our gear is a combination of the best analog gear (including world-class tube preamps, Neve, and vintage outboard), the best microphones available from Neumann, AKG, etc., and the latest Pro Tools HD computer recording with the best Apogee AD and DA converters available. 


We can put that last level of polish on your album and provide the perfect space, pacing, tone and loudness. We can also provide ISRC and PQ code embedding, CD text, and replication-ready DDP images.


Sometimes you don't need 1000  or more CD's and that's where we come in. We can provide high-quality, affordable short-run CD duplication and printing for your project.

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